Saturday, March 13, 2010

Philadelphia Flower Show

The Welcoming Committee
Six city blocks with gardens from around the world filled the Philadelphia Convention Center for the oldest and largest U.S. flower show earlier this month. The displays were lavish and theatrical.
The Heatherwood Retirement Community Garden Club took home a Blue Ribbon for their garden porches. They were my favorite group of gardens in the show. See below.

Invincibelle Spirit
The brilliant folks at Proven Winners have done it again. With the help of Dr. Tom Ranney and his team at the University of North Carolina, they have developed the first pink annabelle hydrangea, and her name is Invincibelle Spirit. She short by comparison to her white annabelle cousins, but her small stature prevents her from flopping after a heavy rain. Her charms keep getting better. She's hardy from Zones 3 to 9 with bright pink flowers blooming on new wood from summer to frost. And, unlike other colored hydrangeas, she won't fade. There's no need to adjust your soil's pH. She is the perfect addition to your garden.
One dollar of every purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is working to cure and prevent breast cancer.
To introduce the plant, the growers at Prides Corner are offering a discount coupon to be redeemed at participating nurseries (MA, CT, RI & NY) May 8 to June 30. Even though Mother's Day is almost two months away, I can't think of a better gift this year.

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